Use this Voice to Text software to load websites with much faster and to help avoid carpal tunnel syndrome!

Have you ever wished you could use your voice and change it into text with some sort of speech recognition software to use the computer with your voice instead of typing and using your mouse? Well, you're in luck. With the "Dragon Naturally Speaking Standard Voice to Text Software" you can do just that, and more! Say goodbye to your risks of getting carpal tunnel syndrome and avoid it completely!

What all can you do with this voice to text software? Keep reading to find out!

#1:Well, for obvious starters you can talk and convert your voice into text with this speech recognition software.
#2:Dictate(issue commands for) and edit in lots of windows applications!
#3:You can proofread with this voice to text software as well as revise, edit and dictate by voice.
#4:My personal favorite, you can help to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome with this voice to text software because you won't need to type at all anymore, you'll just simply talk into your microphone and the text will appear on your computer screen.
#5:Fantastic program for those who are poor at typing, or type super slow and need help. You can talk faster with your voice then you can type text, right?
#6: For those that already have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, it provides a unique opprotunity to use your computer and internet again like you used to as you'll be able to transfer your voice to text with this speech recognition software.
#7:You can help your computer load websites at a much faster rate as like I said, instead of typing you'll be talking and you'll be able to use the computer with your voice. Dictation is the best, isn't it?

This is just an all around fantastic software product that just about everyone should get! Keyboards are overrated, make a change. Start to use the computer with your voice immediately!

If this speech recognition software sounds appealing to you check it out below,

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Standard

If you have the extra money to spare, you can get a slightly more expensive version of this but this one has better "talk to text" accuracy. As in, the words you say seem to be more accurate when they're added on the computer screen. It also comes with more features such as one to speed up the time you spend on your computer to allow you to get more done in a shorter amount of time! You can check that out below,

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred


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