How to Make Money Driving by selling advertising space on your car online Freelance Job Information Part 1

If you've come to learn how to make money driving by selling advertising space on your car you should be very glad you found this blog. So i'm sure at some point when you were driving around on the highway, or just heading over somewhere to visit friends or family that you saw a car filled up with tons and tons of advertising and you thought to yourself, "Who in their right mind would fill their car up with so much stuff?!" and the answer is simple. People looking to make money driving by simply selling advertising space all over their car. There are two ways to do this, through some reputable companies, or by yourself.

How to go about doing it through a reputable company to make money is fairly simple. There are plenty of free, no-cost companies that you can find online that simply allow you to register within their freelance job website and if they feel you fit their specific "geographical" area, and you drive enough in your car, they will be willing to set you up with one of their advertisers. It usually works where you fill out a questionaire about your driving habits, your location, age, and other things like the type of car that you drive. Then the advertiser looks through the given companies potential "drivers" and pick out people they feel would be able to best promote their advertising and they then proceed to buy advertising space which in turn means they send money to the company which if you follow through with the original "driving contract" you'll be able to obtain x number of dollars usually anywhere from $50-$500 depending on how much you drive and the particular advertising space you get chosen for to promote. It's pretty exciting but since there are a lot of cars out there it is very competitive despite how little known it seems to be around the world. The one thing you should remember is that 95% of the companies that you can get paid to drive with and make a very nice amount of money with will not charge you a dime to get a chance to be chosen as I said a "potential driver" in this freelance job.

Now if you don't want to deal with companies and want to try to sell on your own and possibly earn more that means you have to attempt to sell advertising space yourself to potential clients and companies. What this entails is you calling around companies and simply saying something along the lines of "Hey, I was curious if your company would be interested in selling advertising space on my car while I drive." and then you would probably follow it up with information about your driving habits, location, and backround history & possibly even investing to help them to do a proper backround check on you to make sure you're A-OK on the legit site such as you have a clean driving record, don't have a criminal backround, and it is in fact your car that you're driving. The amount you can make from selling advertising space on your car can be quite profitable, but there will be costs. I already mentioned the one above to help the given company pay for doing a backround check on you, but you'll also have to deal with some company or make the "advertising" you stick on your car yourself. This can be quite pricey which is why most people just deal with a company that helps them do all of this for free as a well-established company is so much easier to deal with when you're trying to figure out how to make money driving by selling advertising space.

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