How to Make Money online Writing articles freelance job information Part 1

Did you ever wonder how to make money online writing articles? It's really not as hard as you might think. Basically, do you consider yourself a fairly good writer and always were curious, "Hey, can I actually make a reasonable amount as a freelance writer to write articles and really start to make money online?" Well! If so, you've come to the write place. I'm going to talk about two different ways to make money off your freelance writing that're quite similar as well as quite different to life outside the internet when it comes to freelance writing online to help you make money.

The first i'll talk about is the more important and much more profitable then the next one unless you think in terms of the long-run in freelancing online. This is simply the whole, payperword that seems to be lost among freelance writers that're aiming to make money online. The whole idea is you simply write articles and tone them around the various companies looking for them. If you're accepted i've seen articles get accepted for as little as $50, and as much as $300-$500 per individual article for the really good ones. It's a very profitable market if you really can write freelance pretty well & can really "sell yourself" so to speak..

The next type of writing you can do is where you can earn residual off of. Lot's of freelance people are plenty familiar with these type of freelance jobs and seem to think that they're the only way to make money by writing articles online.. but that's far from true. These are nice though for articles you know noone would ever buy that target specific niche's and draw a lot of attention to them and since they work based on the traffic you bring to them for the shared potential advertising revenue you can really see a profit come in almost monthly if you have enough quantity. It's more about quantity with residual for freelance writing jobs online..

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