How to Make Money by selling T-shirt designs online Freelance Job Information Part 1

Want to learn how to make money online selling t-shirt designs? Don't worry. It's really not that hard! So you don't possess skills to draw, or take good photographs? Or heck. Maybe you aren't a very good writer..? Well, that's ok. You don't need any of them to design a T-shirt online to sell. So how does this work? Well. There are numerous places out there online that allow you to actually create a shirt using personalized logos and images that the given site provides, or you can insert your own to make your own quirky shirt design, and then from there they allow you to set up a shop.

The best thing about these sites is that they actually handle all the billing, as well as the shirt-making so you dont need to spend any money to invest in supplies. Soo, if it turns out you're not very good at selling shirts you lose absolutely nothing. The downfall of most of these sites on my opinion is the fact that a lot of them take huge cuts out of your sales. The percentages differ from site to site, but I suppose. Since they're not only handling the billing but the shirt-making process & shipping that they do deserve quite a hefty cut.

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