How to Make Money Online Selling Photography Freelance job information Part 2

As promised, I will talk about different types of freelance job sites and info relating to selling photography online from stock photo sites, to general places to sell photography, to places that you can make money by sharing the photos!

For a start for those looking to sell Photography outside of the internet I recommend the 2009 Photographers Market book that has about 1500 market listings in which you can sell your photography to. You can read more about it and find a review about it and it's price by clicking the following link, Photography Market Book

Stock Photo sites are as follows..

ShutterStock: A site full of strict guidelines for Stock Photo uploading. Butt! Generally the more strict the guidelines the more chances that people out there will be stopping by here to get the top-quality stock photos and you may sell much more then you would at another stock photo site. $0.25 per download. May sound low, but when it comes to stock photography sites it adds up.. quickly. Very quickly! For those business-minded people it's a great site to get professional-looking stock photography cheap.

Fotolia: Kind of a little less in terms of guidelines as compared to Shutterstock but less sales as they try to make you sell at $1.00 per which is $0.75 higher then Shutterstock which is safe to say that anyone that knows about ShutterStock and is looking to make a stock photo purchase will simply go there instead of Fotolia. Annd. What is also frustrating is you get a very small "commission" for your own photo. It's your own photo, if anything you should get about 90% and they should get about 10%. It's your photo that brings in the sales. 33%-64% commission depending on the license. Not a very recommended site unless you want to make them more money then you'll make yourself or you get on the high-end of the commission percentage. I suppose the commission isn't that bad though as compared to most other stock photo sites.

BigstockPhoto: Fairly reasonable & straightforward guidelines in order to upload a stock photo, although it's $1 per download you can upload a lot of stock photos with ease which means a lot bigger of a chance of you making a sale. Great site, low minimum payout(Only $30 which is much lower then the two mentioned above!)

IstockPhoto: Sell royalty-free stock photo anywhere from $1 to $21 per. Although you won't sell as many at other sites it adds up a lot quicker as you make a lot more. You can also sell illustrations, video, and audio.. 20%-40% commission. In otherwords you can make as little as $0.20 and as much as $8.40 per sale. It add's up quiccck.

Places to sell photography regularly are as follows..

Deviantart: Build a fanbase of people that may be intersted in your artwork and if people really really like it, they might consider a purchase. Sell Prints, Make money. It's like a Myspace for art fans.

Cafepress: Design custom t-shirts, and other types of things like coffeemugs with your designs or borrowing their own personal designs for you to attempt to sell to others for a profit. It's an OK site and fairly popular.

Redbubble: Sell framed prints, posters, even canvas prints with your own design! T-shirts, and greeting cards as well. If you want to, you could even design your very own calendar to attempt to make money online freelance.

Zazzle: Attempt to sell T-shirts, Posters, and other types of art on Zazzle for an attempt to make a profit through this freelance job to make money online.

Lastly, some places to compete against others in photography contents

Viewbug: Enter photography/artwork challenges which range from $100-$200 per challenge it seems. Winners are picked by a judging panel on Viewbug and then supposedly paid by Paypal that winning amount. Great for photographers that feel their photography stands out among a crowd of people. Lot's of competition, though. They also have a neat little "weekly winner" concept where they look over all the photography from the week, and of all time that was uploaded to their site and someone will be awarded "weekly winner" and win a cash prize. 20-30 chances to win each week so upload away! Weekly winners seem to make between $10-$100. Not too shabby for simply uploading pictures for a chance to win, eh? You can also make money through video and music uploads. Fantastic Freelance Job site. If you want to, check out the Viewbug Website Review I wrote.

If you know any other sites to help you make money online freelance selling photography or in relation to making money with photography then feel free to leave them in the comment-box! If you're looking for other means to make money online through means of a freelance job, or freelance job info make sure to check out this freelance job blog entry then, If you have ended up here, I figure you're interested in how to Make Money Online through means of Freelance Jobs with the info i'll provide? Part 2

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