Make Money with Online Jury Duty Jobs

In this blog entry, i'll be talking about how to make money with online jury duty jobs. All of them are free to do and generally require anywhere from 20 minutes of your time to tops of an hour and the earnings seem to range anywhere from $5-$60+ per case. The amount of cases you get with these online jury duty jobs vary based on where you're located.

JuryTest: Watch and Listen to legal case presentations online and then share your input about what you thought about them. You generally get about $10.00 per case. The amount of cases you get varies from place to place. It really all depends where you're located. If you want to check out this online jury duty job to help you make money you can find out about it, here.

Ejury: Attorneys put together facts, and jury questions. Then you can make money online with this site by reviewing the facts listed and answering the questions provided. You can also submit personal questions. Generally they claim you'll make anywhere from $5-$10 from this Online Jury Duty job per case.. The estimated time it takes to answer questions varies from person to person but they say around 35 minutes and as you become more knowledgable that time should lesson greatly. You will receive your payments to your Paypal account.(What is this Freelance Job tool?) If you want to check this site out you can do that, here.

OnlineVerdict: Much like Ejury you simply get the facts, answer questions, and can ask your own perosnal questions about the case in this online jury duty job to help you make money. You can make anywhere from $20-$60 per case. They generally take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour of your time to complete. You get paid by check. If you want to check this site out you can, here.

Trial Juries: Just like the others you review cases submitted by any participating law firms. You provide feedback by answering questions related to the case. They claim you'll make as little as $30 and for more complicated cases, more. They pay you by Paypal.(What is this freelance job tool?) If you're interested in making money with this online jury job you can check it out, here.

TrialPractice: If you're one of the people randomly selected as an online juror you can make at least $100 for one days work and at most $150. Eight to ten hours on a weekend or five to seven hours on a weekday. Basically you can make as much as $30 an hour, and as little as $10 an hour depending on the day of the case and the amount of the money. If this sounds interesting to you, you can check it out here.

If you know of other places that allow you to make money with online jury duty jobs feel free to mention them in the commentbox. Also, don't forget to share your experiences if you participate in any of these.


  1. I've heard of online jury duty, but I've never tried it. Seems like a pretty good job, pay isn't very much but not bad for something where you don't have to go out, get dressed in corporate suits, and be in a stressful environment.


  2. Yeah, i've known about these kind of online jobs for a while now, buutt! I just now found quite a bunch of them while surfing on the internet. I've tried them in the past and I think because i'm in a kind of "in middle of nowhere" area is why I seem to get so little opprotunities. I've seen payment proofs from friends though and more then enough claims to know that some of them are legitimate. I imagine those living in big cities with lots of lawyers that use these services probably make some pretty nice money if they're a part of enough of them.

    Thanks for commenting, :)