Survey Sites switching to paypal!

Rumor has it that numerous survey sites are switching to Paypal! One of the for sure places is that of Surveyspot. Up until now everyone's been receiving checks from Surveyspot but with the switch to Paypal soon it makes receiving payments a lot faster then waiting long lengths of time to get that $20-$30 check in the mail! If others follow suit it's going to make taking surveys a much more worthwhile, and safer venture as you won't have to share as much personal information.

As all other survey sites are mere speculation i'll leave out those site names as it would only be misleading people. I'm really anxious for this change and I really do hope a lot of other survey places follow surveyspot in their decision to switch to Paypal since most survey sites seem to still pay by check, which is kind of frustrating!

What're your thoughts, comments, or other responses to this?

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