How to Sell jokes online to make money

Did you know that it's very possible to sell jokes online to make some money? Earnings ranging from $10-$100+ or more per joke. There are numerous places out there that allow you to make some pretty decent money if you're good at coming up with jokes, telling funny stories, or other types of things like funny quotes. Within this blog entry I shall be listing all the places that teach you how to sell jokes online to make money.

#1: Far ahead of the others is the well-known magazine Readers Digest. You can sell jokes, funny stories, or quotes online to make money with Readers Digest and if your joke is featured in Readers Digest you can be paid $100. It is good money, but it is a highly competitive area considering as i've said earlier, how well-known this magazine is. If you want to try your hand and see if you have what it takes submit your jokes, here.

#2: Kind of known but not nearly as known as Readers Digest is epiffunnies. What epiffunnies is, is a website that features various types of jokes or "epiffunnies" as they like to call them. What you can do is sell your jokes online to epiffunnies and make some money. They currently buy them at $15 per joke if your joke is accepted. One joke a day could mean $450 a month. It can be quite profitable if you get accepted quite often. Not nearly as competitive as the place above but still quite competitive. If you're interested in submitting a joke online to make money check out, here.

There are some I know off the top of my head, as I find more I shall definitely try to list them here in this blog entry to help you to learn how to sell jokes online and make money. If you know of any places in which you could be make money selling jokes online to fill your wallet up with cash, feel free to list them in this blog entry!

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