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Freelance Job Information: Music Fan's make money to rate music online for quick cash. various tracks from different kind of bands. Great place for bands to get exposure & make money too and possibly even a record label. UK-based company but availiable to anyone around the world.

How they make money online: Through the Artists, Through the release of an Album, Advertising revenue, and 10% of the money raised for artists in the showcases.

Last known Payscale: The higher your "scout" rating the more you music fans will make reviewing and rating various tracks. They have other features you can try out to, to make money. Also, Artists have a shot at getting albums which can result in a pretty hefty amount of money for that given Artist.

SliceThePie Website Rating: I give this website SliceThePie an 8.6/10 after reviewing very carefully. What other website is like Slicethepie that allows you to rate music online for quick cash? None, as far as I know! Got to love making money to review music tracks! Is SlicethePie legit? I would say that is a definite yes. I've seen numerous payment proofs and loads of people claiming to be paid. I have yet to see a complaint from well, anyone. It's also been around forever so apparently Slicethepie is a very legit stable website and most definitely not a scam.

-Does pay it's members being music fans rating the music & obviously the artists as well.
-Need at least £5($6.96 USD currently.) before cashing out with Paypal(What is this freelance job tool?) which is very easy to obtain.
-Pay's by Paypal(What is this freelance job tool?) which is a quick and easy way to get your money.
-Great place for bands that think they have what it takes and a great way to raise money to purchase a potential album & get exposure so they can further their career.
-Plenty of FAQ's out there to really help get your band started if you think it has what it takes!
-If you have a spare 30-60 minutes a day it's a great way to make some side-cash.
-Their SlicethePie Exchange feature can result in a pretty huge commission if you invest in a band that really succeeds in selling albums but this feature is financially risky so choose wisely if you decide to participate in this feature of the site.(May not be a wise decision to use until you know the laws & rules of where you currently reside unless you're from the UK.). For those interested and allowed to participate in such a feature I highly recommend checking out their "Virtual Exchange" which is risk-free to try out and get familiar with before investing real money and time into the SliceThePie Exchange.
-Other fun unique features to try out that can make you some real decent cash.

-Not a very "dialup-friendly" site because of the constant listening of music as it eats up a lot of bandwidth as well as the page seems to load slow as well for dialup-users.

If you have anything else to say in relation to this website, feel free to leave it in the comment box as to help others when considering this as a worthwhile freelance job to make money online or not.

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