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Freelance Job Information: Start to make money writing articles online with AssociatedContent, and collect traffic to your articles to help bring in a residual.

How they make money online: They make money through advertising revenue.

Last known Payscale: Make upfront pay online per article of anywhere from $1-$20 from this freelance writing job website. You also earn a PPM rate of $1.50. That is $1.50 for every 1000 page views you get. Your rating within the site can rise which means that you can make more for your PPM.

AssociatedContent website Rating: I give this website called AssociatedContent an 8.9/10 after reviewing it carefully. It's probably the best in terms of writing sites out there that allow you to write about whatever you want, and the residual is about the best you're going to get as compared to most other freelance writing job websites. Constant Current is great if you're looking into making residuals on your actual articles through repeat sales commissions as in. Trying to sell your article over and over. This of course, is a lot harder to do then people make it sound. Some say it's easy but those tend to be people that write professionally for a living.

-Does pay it's members to do write articles freelance, and to make a residual based on traffic you bring in.
-Pay's by Paypal(What is this freelance job tool?) which is quite convenient and much quicker then getting paid by check.
-Is fairly dialup-friendly as compared to a lot of other sites similar to it.
-Receiving payments from this site happens very quickly.
-Professional-looking site & friendly inviting environment.
-No minimum to get paid the money you're owed.
-Worthwhile site if you're a quick thinker and good at bring traffic to your articles.

-If you're not from the US this program will only allow you to collect residual from the traffic you bring in to your article(Performance Payments.)
-Could probably pay out at least a bit higher then $1-$20 per given article.

If this site interests you, you can check it out below:
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