Test codes online

Within this blog entry, i'll be showing you exactly where you can test codes online before adding them into something such as a blog or a website. As follows, I shall list to you the pros and cons of them and then as promised, the websites in which you can test codes online.

-You can test out code before implementing it into your site/blog to make sure it's working 100%.
-All of the sites I shall be listing to help you test codes online are as simple as copying and pasting the code to test it and how it would be displayed in an online environment.
-You will be directed directly to where you can insert the code and simply try it out to see if the code is in working condition.
-The websites seem to be up almost 24/7 so you can test your code whenever you want to online without a hassle
-They're 100% free to use so you don't have to spend a penny to do simple tests to see if your codes work online.

-You can in most of these websites only test the code online to a certain extent. Yes, it is a bit frustrating but it shouldn't be too much of a suprise to most people, plus in most cases you're only testing little things anyways. Not an incredibly massive code that might entail the whole structure of your site!

The websites in which you can test code online are listed below, as well as a description about each.

Codepad.org:This website allows you to test numerous coding languages and a complete list is as follows, C, C++, D, Haskell, Lua, OCami, PHP, Perl, Plain Text, Python, Ruby, Scheme, Tcl. You can test it, here.

Writecodeonline.com:With this website you can test javascript code online. It also allows you to test PHP if you want to as well. You can test it, here.

Duketown.com: With this website you can test html code online with it. You can test it, here.

If you know of any other great places in which you can test various codes online feel free to mention them in the blog comments. Please no links, just references. If you like this reference list, feel free to digg it or use the submission service provided by addthis that I have added to my blog.

Survey Sites switching to paypal!

Rumor has it that numerous survey sites are switching to Paypal! One of the for sure places is that of Surveyspot. Up until now everyone's been receiving checks from Surveyspot but with the switch to Paypal soon it makes receiving payments a lot faster then waiting long lengths of time to get that $20-$30 check in the mail! If others follow suit it's going to make taking surveys a much more worthwhile, and safer venture as you won't have to share as much personal information.

As all other survey sites are mere speculation i'll leave out those site names as it would only be misleading people. I'm really anxious for this change and I really do hope a lot of other survey places follow surveyspot in their decision to switch to Paypal since most survey sites seem to still pay by check, which is kind of frustrating!

What're your thoughts, comments, or other responses to this?

Make Money with Online Jury Duty Jobs

In this blog entry, i'll be talking about how to make money with online jury duty jobs. All of them are free to do and generally require anywhere from 20 minutes of your time to tops of an hour and the earnings seem to range anywhere from $5-$60+ per case. The amount of cases you get with these online jury duty jobs vary based on where you're located.

JuryTest: Watch and Listen to legal case presentations online and then share your input about what you thought about them. You generally get about $10.00 per case. The amount of cases you get varies from place to place. It really all depends where you're located. If you want to check out this online jury duty job to help you make money you can find out about it, here.

Ejury: Attorneys put together facts, and jury questions. Then you can make money online with this site by reviewing the facts listed and answering the questions provided. You can also submit personal questions. Generally they claim you'll make anywhere from $5-$10 from this Online Jury Duty job per case.. The estimated time it takes to answer questions varies from person to person but they say around 35 minutes and as you become more knowledgable that time should lesson greatly. You will receive your payments to your Paypal account.(What is this Freelance Job tool?) If you want to check this site out you can do that, here.

OnlineVerdict: Much like Ejury you simply get the facts, answer questions, and can ask your own perosnal questions about the case in this online jury duty job to help you make money. You can make anywhere from $20-$60 per case. They generally take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour of your time to complete. You get paid by check. If you want to check this site out you can, here.

Trial Juries: Just like the others you review cases submitted by any participating law firms. You provide feedback by answering questions related to the case. They claim you'll make as little as $30 and for more complicated cases, more. They pay you by Paypal.(What is this freelance job tool?) If you're interested in making money with this online jury job you can check it out, here.

TrialPractice: If you're one of the people randomly selected as an online juror you can make at least $100 for one days work and at most $150. Eight to ten hours on a weekend or five to seven hours on a weekday. Basically you can make as much as $30 an hour, and as little as $10 an hour depending on the day of the case and the amount of the money. If this sounds interesting to you, you can check it out here.

If you know of other places that allow you to make money with online jury duty jobs feel free to mention them in the commentbox. Also, don't forget to share your experiences if you participate in any of these.

Different ways to buy and sell Articles online with ConstantContent

There are four different ways to sell articles online with ConstantContent. Free, Usage, Unique, and Full rights articles purchases. Below I shall explain to you what each one is in association with ConstantContent to help you tu truely understand how you sell articles online and so that you know what kind of rights to the article you're giving to people that buy articles online.

Free Article Purchase: Pretty self-explanatory. It's a free article but i'm pretty sure the original writer retains all rights to it. However, that means they're giving the A-OK that you can post it up on your website if you want. Great way for writers to draw attention to their articles and have people more likely to buy articles online from you on ConstantContent.

Usage Purchase:This is probably about the most profitable for those really trying to make money online writing articles. With Constant Content you can sell articles online over and over. There is no limit to how many times the same article can be sold. One article can be sold five times a month at $20. That's an extra $100 a month just from one article!! Great way for people to make money to sell articles online and collect purchase residual.

Unique Purchase:A one-time purchase of an article as opposed to people buying it over and over again with the Usage Purchase. Now this feature is probably more appealing to those looking to buy articles online. They want an article that noone else has, thus you can probably sell this one for way higher then you would one in the usage purchase area.

Full-Rights Purchase: This is like the Unique Purchase but you own all rights to the article upon buying it if it's set as a full-rights purchase. People when they buy articles online with this setting that means like I said that they own the content the moment they make the purchase, and they also can change the content, resell it, or well. Do anything with it, really. They own it.

In their FAQ's they explain each one of these so if my explanations stump you, just check out the FAQ's on Constant Content's website.

If you want to see a review of this freelance job website I recommend checking out the review, here.

If you want to just get started already and try Constant Content for yourself you can check it out, here.

Buy and Sell Articles Online and Collect Residual

Freelance Job Information: With this website you'll be able to buy and sell articles online more then once to collect purchase residual. A place to earn money simply by posting up articles of yours & setting a "rate" for purchase & anyone can stop on by and purchase it if they're interested. They also allow selling Pictures/Artwork away from the whole "stock photo" money-making experience.

How they make money online: Advertising revenue and I believe they take a portion of money out of your sale.

Last known Payscale: Depends the rate you set for your article. The earnings can be quite luxurious if you get a popular article that a whole bunch of people want to buy, so do your research so that places will actually be wanting to buy your articles online that you're selling.

Constant Content WebSite Rating: I give this website called ConstantContent a 9/10 after carefully reviewing it. It's professional-looking and you don't really need to bring exposure to it as it gets exposure just by being on the site so if the article you have on there is worth buying, chances are it will be bought if you set a reasonable rate. Great place to sell articles online.

-Quick and easy to sign up for and start adding articles and artwork and other things to try and sell for your own personal rate you can set up.
-Professional-looking website.
-Free exposure to potential buyers.
-Great help to boost your residual if you're a good enough article looking for what whatever the buyers are looking for at the time.
-If you hit a lot of different topics chances are you will make at least a few sales a month which is extra cash for the same thing over and over.
-Great for businesses and people looking to get a cheap article to add to their site.
-Good security.

-If you have too broad of an article or too niche' of one you may never sell any.
-You could possibly sell your article once to someone individually and make out better then selling it over and over again with the residual.

If you're ready to check it out, just follow this link here.

If you want to see the different ways in which you can sell the articles check out, here.

If you're looking for other methods to get some money for your writing check out this blog entry here, How to Make Money Online writing articles

If you have anything else to say in relation to this website, feel free to leave it in the comment box as to help others when considering this as a worthwhile part-time freelance job to make money online or not.

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