Different ways to buy and sell Articles online with ConstantContent

There are four different ways to sell articles online with ConstantContent. Free, Usage, Unique, and Full rights articles purchases. Below I shall explain to you what each one is in association with ConstantContent to help you tu truely understand how you sell articles online and so that you know what kind of rights to the article you're giving to people that buy articles online.

Free Article Purchase: Pretty self-explanatory. It's a free article but i'm pretty sure the original writer retains all rights to it. However, that means they're giving the A-OK that you can post it up on your website if you want. Great way for writers to draw attention to their articles and have people more likely to buy articles online from you on ConstantContent.

Usage Purchase:This is probably about the most profitable for those really trying to make money online writing articles. With Constant Content you can sell articles online over and over. There is no limit to how many times the same article can be sold. One article can be sold five times a month at $20. That's an extra $100 a month just from one article!! Great way for people to make money to sell articles online and collect purchase residual.

Unique Purchase:A one-time purchase of an article as opposed to people buying it over and over again with the Usage Purchase. Now this feature is probably more appealing to those looking to buy articles online. They want an article that noone else has, thus you can probably sell this one for way higher then you would one in the usage purchase area.

Full-Rights Purchase: This is like the Unique Purchase but you own all rights to the article upon buying it if it's set as a full-rights purchase. People when they buy articles online with this setting that means like I said that they own the content the moment they make the purchase, and they also can change the content, resell it, or well. Do anything with it, really. They own it.

In their FAQ's they explain each one of these so if my explanations stump you, just check out the FAQ's on Constant Content's website.

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If you want to just get started already and try Constant Content for yourself you can check it out, here.

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