Cheap phone service to replace your landline!

Skype is like a messenger just like AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and other messengers like it. The only difference is not only can you message people with it but you can also use this freelance job tool as a phone and probably replace your landline service or cellphone service and pay a lot less with cheap phone service and good quality. It's way cheaper then your standard phone service for monthly phone service as cheap as $3 per month to as much as $10+ per month. $10+ being an unlimited all around the world calling. Can't get better then that, now can you? Especially in other places where you'll see phone service for as much as $20, $30, $40, even topping at $60 a month. It's great for businesses and individuals as well, especially those interested in all the freelance job websites I review on this freelance job blog. Is there really any other place where you can find such great quality phone service for so cheap? Soo. It's definitely worth a look especially for you work at home people and freelance people or for those that're simply looking to save quite a bit of money each month on their phone service or get out of debt quicker as the economy isn't in the best of shape right now!

Some pretty straightforward reasons to get this cheap phone service: It's safer, wayyy cheaper phone service, and it can ultimately replace your landline service so the real question is, why aren't you using it?

Check it out below if you're interested,

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  1. Hi do you think skype is better than MagicJack? Hey Skype vs. MagicJack could be a great post 4 U!

  2. I think personally I prefer Skype as you can do a lot more with it. MagicJack is simply a phone service but Skype offers more interactivity and it's better for businesses n' whatnot. I could go into a big long discussion about it so yeah, I might just make an entry, Skype Vs. Magicjack like you suggested. =P