Reviews on ReviewStream that pay the regular rate

The point of this freelance job blog entry will be to list the Reviews on ReviewStream that pay the regular rate to give those looking to make a little better then the bulk rate, and step up to the regular rate to write reviews on ReviewStream.

If you want some tips on getting the regular rate on reviewstream I advise checking out the blog entry, How to get paid the regular rate on reviewstream for reviews

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The order of which you will find these will reviews will be whatever section has the most reviews that turned out to be regular rate reviews. The less the number the lower it will be. The first one I list will have the highest number of people claiming to have received the current $2.00 regular rate, and the bottom will be the ones that have earned the current regular rate the least.

Electronics Product Reviews: 5 Reviews published for $2.00
Beauty Product Reviews:1 Review published for $2.00
Video Game Reviews:1 Review published for $2.00

If you have been paid the regular rate for a review or reviews on reviewstream feel free to leave it in the comment box as to help others out(please no links, just reviews that have allowed you to make the regular rate pay on reviewstream.).

P.S. Check back here frequently as i'll update this as I get more information on the type of reviews that seem to get the regular rate on reviewstream.

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