Is Mylot a Legit Website, or a Scam? Freelance Job Site Review

I can definitely vouch that Mylot is indeed, a legit website. Why do I say this? Well. I've been paid five times by them and all were in the time-range they claimed they would pay by. They're fairly easy to earn on, too. You won't be earning much, but you'll be enjoying yourself while simply discussing things with others.

What else proves that Mylot is a legitimate website? They have been around for not months, but I believe going on years. That being said they have more then enough members bringing in a heck of an advertising revenue which is exactly why they can actually afford to pay their members. Bottomline is, they aren't going away anytime soon so join in on the fun that this freelance job website has to offer.

If you want to join, then I advise checking out this link, here. If you're someone who has been paid by this freelance job website, feel free to let us know in the comment box to boost it's appeal so that new users can feel more confident about joining!

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  1. Actually - MyLot is NOT a 'freelance writing' site at all. It's a paid-to-post social networking site - and it's a very LOW paying site for the work you do.

    My review: ** 2 stars.
    Low pay, low benefits, surrounded by poor quality posts and no actual freelance writing to be found on the site.

    Could you review some high paying freelance sites please?

  2. Thanks for the input, however. I beg to differ. It is indeed a "freelance writing" site. It might not be as high-paying as some "freelance writing" sites you're a part of, but!

    By definition at least according to wikipedia and others, a Freelancer is a person that generally does various types of "freelance work" in return for a pay and without having to invest in a long-term contract with a given company. Writing is well, writing. =D

    I get the angle you're coming at, though.

    It's a great place for chitter-chatter, and just talking about topics with friends. It's not a professional business platform or a place you should expect to make a living on, no. It's simply a place where you can discuss whatever is on your mind. I have yet to find any super high-paying place that let's you talk about something as wild and crazy as let's say, What you ate for supper last night.

    I also said, "You won't be earning much, but you'll be enjoying yourself while simply discussing things with others."

    Oh, and since you're probably not aware as I don't think you spend much time there(I think I saw you around there somewheree at some point.) they've recently implemented a "tasks" feature which does help to make some decent cash if you can catch a good opprotunity($3-$5+ for 5(possibly 10) minutes of your time is pretty profitable to me.)

  3. P.S., I don't recall saying even once "freelance writing" in this entry =p