Is Squidoo a Legit Website, or a Scam? Freelance Job Site Review

Well yes, Squidoo is indeed a legit website and not a scam, however. It isn't exactly that great of a way to earn unless you make it into some high tiers which are basically the equivalent of highly-ranked squidoo lenses(personal pages you make.). Here, i'll give you some ideas of why I personally don't think this freelance job website is that great.

I've personally made over 55 Squidoo lenses that I considered to be of at least OK-quality. Well, guess what? Apparently it doesn't matter what I consider OK-quality. Even one's that I brought a fairly steady and kind of good traffic to earned me absolutely zero, zilch, nada in terms of profit. I have 55 of'em too, all bringing in this OK traffic. I didn't even earn a penny! Kind of frustrating and so I moved on and thought, "Well hey. It might just need some decent sales to boost my squidoo page rank".

So I thought to myself, maybe i'll go try and sell products from Amazon on there and earn a portion for my sales. In a month I sold about 7-10 products from one lens. Guess what? My rank for that lens actually went down, not up. How does this make any sense at all? Well, either way I was happy I sold so much so quickly but uh.. apparently it didn't matter. These products sold for about $35-$40 at the time. My total amount that I earned for those sales was about $2. $2 for 7-10 sales? Yeah, that was about the last time I stepped foot into this freelance job website to earn from. I have been paid by them on multiple occasions but for kind of tiny amounts here and there. Nothing big to triumph over or anything. I suppose if you can get all your Squidoo lenses that you make into high tiers(which i'm almost starting to determine is near impossible) you can make some pretty decent cash. But hey, why waste all your effort trying to strive for a high tier when you can just make a blog or a website of your own and make much more, much quicker.

If you do want to consider participating in this part-time freelance job website, you can always check it out here. Who knows, maybe you'll have better luck.

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