How to make a full-time income writing reviews online for working part-time job hours to write with Reviewstream

Now the point of this freelance job blog entry is to tell you exactly how you can make a full-time income writing reviews online: $900-$2400+ a month working part-time job hours 3-4 hours a day with reviewstream. It's not too complicated, either. Start to learn how to make a full-time income writing reviews online working part-time job hours to write with Reviewstream.

So, the first thing you have to do is join up with Reviewstream. What is Reviewstream? Reviewstream is a place that allows you to write reviews on well, whatever is on your mind. You can write reviews on Movies, TV shows, locations, or anything really. Their current rates are $0.40 per bulk rate review, and $2 per regular rate review.

Now, before you go run off and write reviews with Reviewstream i'm here to walk you through how to make a full-time income writing reviews online by only simply working part-time job hours. 3-4 hours a day!

What's the first step? Well considering $8 an hour is 20 reviews per hour(at their lowest rate of $0.40) means you have to really brainstorm. Brainstorm as in come up with every little thing you think you can write reviews on about and be very opinionated about and write about fairly quickly. I would say come up with about 60 of these. Don't think too terribly hard about them as of course, time is money in this world. A good amount of time to come up with 60 of them would be about 10-15 minutes at most. They can be games, movies, locations, products from a store, or anything really! Just try to pick one's you believe you can write about and be very opinionated about without spending too much time on them. After compiling a list it's time to move on to this next step.

This next step is very important, you have to be a fairly fast typer. If you don't consider yourself that fast of a typer you could consider getting the Voice to text Software which isn't too pricey which can speed up the time it takes for you to write the reviews since you won't have to type and welll.. you should realistically be able to talk faster then you can type thus speeding up the time it takes you to write up a review dramastically. What it does is as you talk outloud it types the words on the computer screen for you so I guess to put it simply it is a voice recognition software that types for you at a much faster rate with fairly decent accuracy. Ok, let's get going. What you have to do is grab that list you made and grab a review idea and spend 3 minutes writing it. That's right, three minutes. Three minutes may not seem like much but when you're in rush to get everything done by the end of the hour you'll notice you can be a lot more opinionated then you thought. Try to go much more opinions then facts. People want unbiased reviews about a given product or service to know if it's worth purchasing or not. That's where you come in spouting out about what you think about it. Just say your opinion and make sure it's at least of decent length and send it in.. and then move on IMMEDIATELY to the next review. I would say you can do all of the reviews at once if you want to but you might overwhelm yourself. It might be best to do 10 reviews in 30 minutes.. take a break for a while and then type up the other 10 reviews a bit later. If you are aiming for a reasonable amount of money each day then it might be best to do them all at once. Why? You'll really be able to express yourself after those 20 rushed reviews and then just compile even bigger lists of things you can review and eventually you could spend 3-4 hours a day throughout the whole month making $30 some odd dollars at the current bulk rate which is $30 a day which in turn translates to $900 a month which in turn translates to a bit less being that if you make that much you'll probably be required to pay taxes on it. Still though, for sharing your opinion to make around $900 a month writing reviews(this includes working every day including weekends.) for only 3-4 hours a day isn't too shabby, eh? Then you can go throw in other things you can find at the side of my page if you scroll down some that can make you another few hundred at the least!

The exciting thing about reviewstream is that you'll make $900 a month writing reviews online and making a full-time income with reviewstream, yes. Butt! Since this is based on all your reviews receiving the bulk rate you can imagine how much they could make if even half of them were accepted as the current regular rate of $2.00 per review. If 25% of the reviews you wrote got $2.00 per review you would make $1200 writing reviews at the end of the month at their current regular rate and bulk rate reviews. If 50% of the reviews you wrote got accepted as their regular rate you could make $2400 writing reviews by the end of the month!!! It's getting quite high up there, isn't it? =)

You can also earn a bit more if you can get legitimate $0.10 per vote on your reviews. $0.10 doesn't sound like much but if you can get a vote just once on each review that you write it can really start to add up.

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If you're ready to get started writing reviews with this freelance job website click, here.

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