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Freelance Job Information: The point of Audiolife is simply to help your band sell music online to make money as it help provide a means for bands to sell their goods. Whether it be merchandise like a shirt, or an album they have, or possibly even a ringtone! It's an absolutely 100% free service and it's a fairly easy site to understand and manuever around in and everything can be handled directly through the site. Get paid to your Paypal.(What is this Freelance Job Tool?)

How they make money: They make money from you by taking out a certain amount of money after each purchase. $7.52 is the minimum they could take out for a merchandise sale, $5.49 is the price they take out after a purchase for a Physical CD, $3.00 is the price they take out when you make an MP3 Album sale, and $0.30 is the amount they take out when you make an MP3 Download sale. Most of the money they take out is probably from the costs it takes them to make the products in the first place, and to make the site a profitable place to be for them. If they don't make a profit they can't continue to run & provide you with such awesome features unless they pay out of pocket.

Last known Payscale: You make money by selling merchandise, selling Physical CD's, selling MP3 Albums, selling MP3 downloads, and creating ringtones.

Audiolife WebSite Rating: I give this website an 8.7/10 after reviewing it carefully. I don't know any other site that provides so many features, and such an easy to manuever around website. The reason I didn't give it a ten is because it's not perfect, and it's not really slow internet-friendly thus a potential customer may be lost.

-Totally free site to use.
-Very inviting layout for Band's looking to monetize their musical skills.
-Pays through Paypal(What is this freelance job tool?) which is a lot quicker then waiting for a check.
-Easy for potential customers to find their way around and to make a purchase.
-Plenty of features to help make your band a profit within the internet.
-Professional-looking site.
-VeriSign approved

-Site is definitely not made for anyone with a slow connection which can cause a major loss in sales.
-Has a minimum payout of $20 which doesn't really make sense considering it's money you earned.
-Quite high percentage of earnings they take out per sale you make, but uh. It's a business so they do in fact need to cover their product making costs as well as earn money on the side to keep the site running and to make it profitable to them.
-Currently the AudioLife site is only available to residents of the US in terms of selling products.
-Still very very new so the site might not be around in the months to come.

If you have anything else to say in relation to this freelance job website, feel free to leave it in the comment box as to help others when considering this as a worthwhile freelance job to make money online or not.

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