The economy sucks, or does it?

Despite the fact that people seem to think that the economy sucks, it's really not as bad as it looks. Yes, housing markets are toppling & big businesses are falling but it's more from silly decisions then a bad economy. My opinion is more it caused a ripple effect from people in high-up positions making mistakes because they bit off more then they could chew that then rippled across the good ol' usa which then caused the "economy suckage" that you see before you. In otherwords, we can easily recover from this disastrous economy. As Obama has said before, we can recover from this horrid economy but it will take some time. How much time? Noone can really say for sure, not even Obama himself. We just have to sit back, cut our spending and relax. The less relaxed we are the worse things can get. We're stepping in the right direction but nothings perfect, not even the economy. Let's just hope we all work hard and get that economic recovery we've been waiting for.

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