How to Get Readers For Your Blog

I shall be talking about how to get readers for your blog within this blog entry, so start reading and following the steps to start to help get readers to your blog in no time at all! Before you know it your blog will be filled with tons of readers just dying to read your next entry!

#1: Make sure to every time you update your blog to ping your blog for free. You can ping your blog most easily by going to google and searching for "pingomatic" and visiting the #1 site listed and simply filling out the information it asks you to provide. What does pinging your blog do? What pinging helps to do is to help search engines to identify that you have posted up new content on your blog.

#2: Subscribe to the free RSS feedreader which you can find by searching in google for "rss feed reader". What does the free RSSfeedreader do? It provides a unique way for blog readers to view your webpage/blog. A new unique way means an extra potential amount of readers. How does the free RSSfeedreader benefit me? Well, i've already mentioned one way but the other way is that it will help you to rank higher in search engine results because the search engines will then be able to identify that your content is fresh.

#3: Add the Google feedburner to your blog. How does the Feedburner work? It's like a more complicated RSS feedreader as you can pick up more feeds, but it's also more convenient as you can add it to your site much easier then you can the one I mentioned above. Feeds are generally other ways to view a pages content instead of actually going to the page itself. I feel that's the best way to explain it. How does the feedbuner benefit me? What I like most about the Feedburner by Google is simply the incredibly easy method of which you can allow people to subscribe to your feed so that they can get feeds in their email. It can also be used in plenty of other ways, too. This is a must have especially now that Google owns feedburner.

#4: Start building up a network of friends, as well as blog readers. What I mean by this is to simply check out other blogs that have the same theme as you such as for example this blog is a blog about different ways on how to make money online so I would look for other similar blogs to go join in and become a reader with and comment on their blogs. There are also plenty of other benefits to building up a network of blogger buddies so just look around on the internet for tips to help you out.

#5: One of the best ways to get readers to your blog and keep readers to your blog is to actually provide helpful content. The more helpful, and the easier to read the more likely it will be that a reader will stick around and subscribe to your blog through let's say, the feedburner you had added on your site so everytime you post a new entry they would be alerted by email! Just keep posting quality blog posts.

#7 Get readers to your blog by helping to provide a reference point. What I mean by a reference point is let's say a guide, or some helpful information that might require them to check back frequently to read over and over and then most likely if they liked your tips so much they would possibly subscribe to your blog to look for other helpful tips and guides in whatever field your blog is about.

#8: Find blog catalogs and directories in which you can submit your blog to. This helps quite well if you have a popular enough blog. It's like submitting your blog to a community that already exists and it could potentially create a new reader to your blog.

#9: Be friendly and treat your readers like you would treat yourself. Be nice to your fellow readers and provide them with easy to read content and the best thing you can do is provide them with content related to something they may have been searching for on google such as an answer to a particular question. If someone was looking for ways to make money online, you should provide them with ways to make money online. Not dance around the question. Provide helpful content on your blog and it should help to bring in some readers!

#10: Use the Addthis feature in your blog post. This allows any bloggers stopping by to be able to add you to just about.. any sort of social bookmarking site you can think of. Odd's are that you'll find a reader stopping by that is a part of one that will help submit your blog entry if they feel it could be helpful to others or they just simply really really liked it. Probably about the best free Social Bookmarking tool out there. You can find it by simply searching "Addthis" in Google.

#11: My last tip is to simply see what others are doing with their blogs and how they're bringing readers to their blog. Thus it can possibly give you ideas of things you can potentially do to bring readers to your blog! You can also simply send them an email and they might help to give you some pointers for free.

If you have any other tips as to how to get readers to your blog feel free to leave them in the comment box to anyone stopping by that might need all the help they can get! Also check back every so often as I might add other helpful ways to attract readers to your blog.

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