Get paid to find good deals online with Beatthat!

If you're looking to get paid to find good deals online with a website called, you've landed on the right blog entry!

You can get paid for every single great deal for a product you find online!

Freelance Job Info: The concept behind this freelance job when it comes to the make money online aspect of it is you simply search for the best offers online and simply link to them within beatthat & meet beatthat's qualifications and you get paid through Paypal.

How they make money: I was told that Beatthat makes money simply when the people go through Beatthat's site & click on deals to go to a given store & buy the product.

Last known Payscale: Deals relating to Green stores pay out $2.00, deals relating to yellow stores pay out $1.50, and offers relating to red stores pay out $0.50.

Site Rating: 7.7/10. Not fantastic, but not horrible either, and above good. If Beatthat's qualifications were a little less I probably would have rated it an 8.5 or above out of 10!

-$0.50-$2.00 per given deal can add up pretty quick.
-Receive a payment within the beginning two weeks of the month after you earned.
-Quick responses by staff/owner to resolve problems or answer questions relating to the site.
-Make money online.. upto $20 a day or so i've been told by quite a few members. $20x30=$600 a month for finding the best offers online!
-No Minimum payout, as in. You can do one offer & get paid for it.
-Easy to find your way around, and easy to add offers to the site.
-Great place to find incredibly good deals.
-The site does pay.

-Deal's have wayy too much competition as everyone is hunting down deals and constantly finding good ones that're next to impossible to beat.
-Some of their "guidelines" are incredibly hard to hit with 100% accuracy which makes it really hard to get a qualifying deal on beatthat.
-It's a new site so who knows how long it will last.

If you have anything else to say in relation to this site, feel free to leave it in the comment box as to help others when considering this as a worthwhile freelance job to make money online or not.

Update: Apparently the site no longer pays you per "deal" you find anymore unless you're a lucky pick in which you can make $100 so in a way it still kind of is profitable if you submit enough great deals online!