I'm selling Advertising space, but only 125x125 buttons at this time. If you're interested in making a purchase or considering a purchase and want more information, I suggest using the "Contact me, here!" form to the right of this page if you scroll down a bit. Generally, i'll be looking for a higher price for the four top-right spots on my blog, and a lower price for the 10 in the middle right of my page.

Please make sure before considering a purchase to make sure to read into any and all TOS's of services you see me using on my blog, Thanks for the consideration. I may consider other options in relation to advertising depending on what it may be so feel free to inqure about it if you want to.

If the "Contact me, here!" form for whatever reason isn't working feel free to leave a blog comment with your contact information and what you're interested in, in this blog entry. It won't be displayed to the public ever based on the way I have my blog set up so you don't have to worry.

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