How to Make Money Online Selling Photography Freelance job information Part 1

It's not as hard as you might think to learn how to make money online selling photography. Continue reading to help you get started! If you have ever considered yourself a photographer and were always thinking to yourself, "Can I actually sell any of my photography online freelance?" If so, then you'll be happy to hear that there are plenty of places for you to attempt to do just that. What're the best main ones? Stock Photo Sites, Selling your photography online, and simply by sharing your pictures with others.

The first one I mentioned is Stock Photo Websites. What 95% of stock photo sites are, are simply places to post up any stock photography you may have and if people are looking for it they generally could simply pay a bit to download it and use it royality-free. If you have a lot of pictures & you feel that they fit Stock Photo guidelines & might appeal to lots of businesses and individuals it can really bring an extra set of money since you could constantly collect residuals on sales made for your individual pictures. I suppose it's all about quantity as well as quality and appeal for Stock Photo Sites where you can freelance & post up stock photos to help you make money online.

The next best bet is selling your photography online. There are more then enough places online to attempt to sell your photography online. The bottomline with any of it though is, do you really think it appeals to the masses? If you think it's more of a personal favorite then anything else it's probably best not to waste your time trying to sell it online, but then again. You never know! You also run the risk of someone trying to steal it and claim it as their own! There are also plenty of places you could try to sell it offline as well!

The last & easiest thing you can do is share your pictures online and make money online. How this works is based on the advertising revenue. The more traffic you bring in to that particular picture the more you can make. It's a fantastic concept and it works great if you're someone with a super popular forum, site, or anything like that.

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