How to Make Money Online Writing Articles Freelance Job Information Part 2

As promised, most of these sites will get you started on your way to how to make money online writing articles. They all have fairly good rates per article and most are measured on a payperword scale so you're bound to find at least one good freelance job to help you make money online. G'luck to you, and enjoy!

FictionFactor: The point of this site is to list all writing opprotunities in the Fiction Market. Categories range from Science Fiction Markets all the way to Romance, Poetry, and Fantasy Markets! For a full list of all the Markets and to check out the site for yourself just click the words, "FictionFactor".

FreelancewritingGigs: A helpful blog listing various random writing opprotunities and how to find writing opprotunities, and steps to help you succeed at freelance writing opprotunities to make money online. Great blog for beginner writers to find some pretty unique opprotunities and to get a little better idea of the in's and outs of freelance writing.

Freelancewriting: This site has been around for quite a while and focuses mostly on 'niche magazines then internet articles to write. Some fairly high-paying jobs can be found here!

Worldwidefreelance: A kind of generic looking site with a database full of Non-fiction, Fiction, and poetry related markets & you're bound to find at least a few you're interested in as there is quite a wide range of subjects to choose from.

Writingfordollars: Fairly plain looking website with a database full of magazines and websites looking for writers for fairly good rates. It's worth a look around.

And now.. the residual money-makers:

Constant-Content: Sell your writing/artwork for the rate of your choosing and hopefully gain a few sales here and there in the process. Great site to help boost up your residual a bit. If you want to learn how to get started in making money with this freelance job opprotunity check out here: Buy and Sell Articles Online

AssociatedContent: This site is a mix of upfront payments as well as residual. They pay anywhere from $1 to $20 for certain types of content which for most writing places is low but you'll have a lot greater of a chance of acceptance and if you're a quick enough writer before no time at all you'll rack up a huge stack of money, as well as collect residual. A nice site to help you to make money online through a freelance writing job. If you want to start learning about how to get started in making money from this site check here: Write Articles Online For Quick Cash

Helium: Similar to AssociatedContent however it has a few additonal things like writing contests you could enter to earn more. But as far as similarities to AssociatedContent go it has upfront payments just as well as a daily revenue sure based on the traffic to your articles to help you make money online.

Triond: Unlike Helium and Associated content it doesn't pay you any sort of upfront. It simply pays based on the residual you get to the given articles to help you make money online. They handle all the dirty work. As in, they try to connect your articles to the best fitting niche' websites to optimize your earnings as much as possible. If you're in it for the residual & don't want to handle the promoting of your articles this might be your best bet.

..and if you want to try your hand at landing a professional and steady income part-time freelance job check out the following.

About: With the freelance job website named, you can have a chance to become a guide and write on a topic listed on their website. You have to go through a test to see if you're qualified and if you end up being qualified you can start writing and make about $645 a month, supposedly. If this interests you check out the Freelance Job Website Review for it.

If you know of other sites that are writing opprotunities or lead to freelance writing opprotunities, feel free to leave them in the comment box! Also. If you're interested in other means to make money online I advise checking out If you have ended up here, I figure you're interested in how to Make Money Online through means of Freelance Jobs with the info i'll provide? Part 2

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