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Within this blog entry, i'll be showing you exactly where you can test codes online before adding them into something such as a blog or a website. As follows, I shall list to you the pros and cons of them and then as promised, the websites in which you can test codes online.

-You can test out code before implementing it into your site/blog to make sure it's working 100%.
-All of the sites I shall be listing to help you test codes online are as simple as copying and pasting the code to test it and how it would be displayed in an online environment.
-You will be directed directly to where you can insert the code and simply try it out to see if the code is in working condition.
-The websites seem to be up almost 24/7 so you can test your code whenever you want to online without a hassle
-They're 100% free to use so you don't have to spend a penny to do simple tests to see if your codes work online.

-You can in most of these websites only test the code online to a certain extent. Yes, it is a bit frustrating but it shouldn't be too much of a suprise to most people, plus in most cases you're only testing little things anyways. Not an incredibly massive code that might entail the whole structure of your site!

The websites in which you can test code online are listed below, as well as a description about each.

Codepad.org:This website allows you to test numerous coding languages and a complete list is as follows, C, C++, D, Haskell, Lua, OCami, PHP, Perl, Plain Text, Python, Ruby, Scheme, Tcl. You can test it, here.

Writecodeonline.com:With this website you can test javascript code online. It also allows you to test PHP if you want to as well. You can test it, here.

Duketown.com: With this website you can test html code online with it. You can test it, here.

If you know of any other great places in which you can test various codes online feel free to mention them in the blog comments. Please no links, just references. If you like this reference list, feel free to digg it or use the submission service provided by addthis that I have added to my blog.

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