How to Make Money Online Tutoring with Buddyschool!

If you're wondering how to make money online tutoring, then you've landed in the right place! That's exactly what Buddyschool helps you to do.

Freelance Job Info: The point of Buddyschool is to tutor others for free, or for money in what seems to be mostly focused on helping others to learn languages or to speak one more fluently that they may already know. Basically the student pays the teacher & an appointment is set up at a given time & after a given lesson they pay whatever the rate that is set is & to whatever they accept. I believe it's Paypal, by check, and other various ways to receive money.

How they make money: They don't take any fees from students or teachers at the present time so i'm not entierly sure, maybe they're working on building up the people within the site before they start taking a percentage. Most sites like this take a percentage from you on each given "sale" or I should say, "lesson".

Last known Payscale: The money is obviously made per lesson & depending on the hourly rate you set.

BuddySchool WebSite Rating: This website called Buddyschool after reviewing it carefully I would say deserves a 9/10. Why? It's features are just amazing. What else? They have plenty of teachers out there already on the site that will be willing help any on what seems most focused on learning a language. Lastly, they accept plenty of different ways to pay which means you can have a much bigger potential client-base which means more money for you!

-Totally free tutoring website to use.
-Allows you to receive money through just about any means including Paypal.
-If you have lots of experience teaching a language this site will be perfect for a great parttime income, or possibly even a fulltime one!
-Incredibly fast loading site.
-You can set up exactly when you'll have time to give lessons & exactly which types of payments you accept.
-You can create your own personalized lesson plan with plenty of different features!
-You can really showcase your skills by recording lessons within buddyschool to show to others when deciding if you're a worthwhile teacher or not.
-You can sell, "content" which is basically the equivalent of a lesson or a how-to guide of some sort. Interesting feature, especially for those that just dont have as much time to teach lessons within buddyschool that often.
-You get a "teacher score" which hits multiple areas that students can vote in to say what you're good at teaching in, as well as what you're not.
-Invoice features are provided within the site.
-Easy to use IM-format which a lot of people are familiar with among other formats you can use.
-Been around since 2007 which is still pretty new, but pretty old as well.
-Easy to get around the site & to set everything to motion with your "teacher" account.
-Seems to actually have people wondering around already so you'll have at least a bit of a client-base to start with!

-If you don't possess any teaching skills whether it be a language or other subjects that they provide you might have a very hard time earning on this site.
-If you get a lot of bad ratings for whatever the reason you might have a hard time finding people actually willing to pay for a lesson.

If you have anything else to say in relation to this freelance job website, feel free to leave it in the comment box as to help others when considering this as a worthwhile freelance job to make money online or not.

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