Get paid to sell t-shirts online

If you're looking to get paid to sell t-shirts online without paying any sort of upfront costs then
you'll love spreadshirt! Read about it, here!

Freelance Job Info: The point of this freelance job site is to help you to have a tool to make T-shirts online that you can attempt to market and sell for a profit if they're creative enough.

How they make money online: They take out a big cut per sale you make as they deal with everything from making up the shirts with your design to shipping them out to your customers.

Last known Payscale: You make as set price within their t-shirt making program & that is what you make per individual shirt sale.

Spreadshirt Site Rating: I give SpreadShirt an 8.8/10 after giving it a pretty detailed review, as it provides you with about the most creative tool i've seen out of all other shirt-selling companies and not only that but they handle all the big work for you & you don't have to set up any sort of physical shop of your own and then you can start to make money online!

-Unique make a shirt feature program that's very handy & helpful in making your shirt designs.
-Easy to manuever around this freelance job site for info you may need or to simply get started in making T-shirts online to help you make money online!
-Need a $25.00 minimum however if you exceed an earnings of $100.00 you may request payout whenever you want to on this freelance job site.
-Setting up your shop is incredibly easy to do.
-Can create your own shirts for yourself if you wanted to.
-Fairly professional looking website!
-Fast Delivery, fair return policies, and a helpful staff.
-Friendly environment.

-Not a very dialup-friendly site.
-They take out a bit too much in terms of the per shirt sale, on my opinion.
-Does not pay by Paypal which means you could spend a long time waiting for your money.

If you have anything else to say in relation to this Spreadshirt website review, feel free to leave it in the comment box as to help others when considering Spreadshirt as a worthwhile freelance job to make money online or not.

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