How to Make Money Online Taking Surveys Freelance Job Information Part 1

If you've been sitting at home wondering how to make money online taking surveys, it really isn't that hard. Basically, if you have ever been sitting at home seeing commercials pass you by and wondering "Hey, I could think of a better slogan then that!" or something like, "Hey, I think these would be more popular if they lowered the price!" be encouraged to know that there are places that will actually pay you for your opinion. What're these people commonly known as that get paid for sharing their opinion? Survey-takers.

What a survey-taker generally does is well, simply takes a survey. Most places you take surveys for are generally looking for a specifc demographic, a certain group of people etc. so don't be disapointed if you don't qualify for a survey. What does it mean when you don't qualify for a survey? Well, in most cases not qualifying for a survey means you won't get paid at all but in some cases some survey places pay you what I call "pity pay" where they pay you a small portion for at least trying to qualify. As time goes on though and the survey site gets more famiilar with who you are as a person the more accurate they will get in sending you surveys that you'll probably qualify for. These are totally free sites to join.

How it works is that a survey site generally gets paid by a research company trying to get specific information to help market products better. With that money they share a certain amount with you, the survey-taker if you help them in their research. It isn't super high-paying but it's great if you want to make some quick and easy side-cash.

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