How to Make Money Online Writing reviews Freelance Job information Part 2

In this section i'll list all the sites that allow you to write reviews for money that i'm aware of. If you're interested in more information about a given site just click the title and when I have the entries actually posted it will link you to more information about the freelance job site to make money online.

Review Stream: This site gives you $2.00 for a high-quality review, $0.40 for a bulk rate review, and $0.10 per earch vote you get on the review. Probably the best review site out there as it stays on a steady amount and doesn't make constant changes like other review sites.

SharedReviews: This site works on a more residual basis as in, it's dependent on how much traffic you bring into it & the quality of the review. 50% of money from traffic goes to the site and the other 50% goes to the community. That 50% is split in two ways. Voters get a portion, and the person that wrote the review gets a portion. Or at least, it did. I haven't been following up on the changes they might be making soon.

Ciao: I didn't look much into this site as it didn't appeal to me too much but apparently the pay is about $0.25 per review for this freelance job website, at least. Last time I checked! This site is very similar to that of Reviewstream. There are no $0.10 per vote to be earned, though. There are three different types of reviews to earn from last time I checked. Quick Reviews are incredibly tiny reviews are about $0.25, extended reviews are about a $1.00 and they have to be at least 1000 characters, and the third one is an extended review of something that that hasn't been reviewed yet which is $2.00.

If you know of any other sites to make money by writing reviews feel free to leave them in the comment box!

If you're interested in other freelance jobs, or freelance jobs info that will help you to make money online then I suggest checking out the freelance blog info entry, If you have ended up here, I figure you're interested in how to Make Money Online through means of Freelance Jobs with the info i'll provide? Part 2

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