How to Make Money Online Selling Products Freelance Job Information Part 2

Here, as promised is various auction sites free to use or otherwise that you might have not known about or one's that you should actually consider if you've heard of them before. I selected these four in particular as they each focus on a unique niche' area of selling products online whether they be handmade, from a collector, or reselling back to attempt to make a profit. Enjoy!

Amazon: If you're a fan of Books, Magazines, or other reading material of the like Amazon is probably for you. Of course, it doesn't just focus on all of that it has other areas in which you can sell in but it is one of it's main focuses. Check it out for yourself and see if this auction site fits your needs!

Wensy: Wensy is a free online Auction site where unlike Ebay you can make listings completely free of charge & there are no plans to pursue a methods of charging members to list things in the future, either. And no, there is no membership fees either. Great site for collectors of all kinds from coins to stamps, to even jewlery!

Etsy: This is a great place for those who hand-make stuff. It focuses more on people that have unique skills to actually make handmade stuff themselves nowadays instead of attempting to sell a product they bought elsewhere online in a free auction site or one that costs like Ebay. It's definitely a unique free auction site to sell stuff on, that's for sure. The only downfall of this site is that it's already attempting to charge listing fees despite how tiny of a website it still is. It's really limiting it's potential growth.

Ebay: Ebay is a very well-known auction site and used to be the favorite among many upon many people until they tried to slip in listing charges. Even though it now costs to list on Ebay it's still better then a lot of other places. Why? The sheer amount of traffic that Ebay get's surpasses any other Auction site out there & thus it's pretty clear that if you want to sell a product online Ebay still might be the best place for you. Of course, the smaller it is the less worth it it gets. It's your job to decide whether you want to stick with Ebay or go hunt down a free auction site out there as there is plenty.

PowerSellersUnite:This is not in fact an auction site, but a place where you can find loads upon loads of information about the various auction sites you are aware of as well as possibly find a new not as well-known one that might better fit you as a person. At Power Sellers Unite, you'll find more then enough Auction information that you'll probably not ever have to go anywhere again to look for it!

If you know other free auction sites, or one's that cost that you felt I should have mentioned within this blog entry feel free to leave them in the comment box to help others out. If you're interested in other freelance job sites, or freelance job info then I suggest checking out my blog entry, If you have ended up here, I figure you're interested in how to Make Money Online through means of Freelance Jobs with the info i'll provide? Part 2

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