Sell Photos to 1500 Photography Markets: 2009 Photographers Market book review

The point of the Photographers Market for 2009 book is to simply list as many Photography markets outside of the internet as possible that may be interested in purchasing your photography whether it be for a residual, or a one-time payment. From galleries to magazines. If you're a good people person and your photographs are at least ok to decent you should be able to make some sales. It's a great way to get quick & extra cash because within the 2009 Photographers Market book you'll be able to find and sell photos within 1500 photography market listings which is a lot of potential people to sell to! The 2009 Photographers Market book isn't even too pricey, either. Check it out below,

2009 Photographer's Market

& for those more focused in the UK check out a book quite similar called the "The Freelance Photographer's Market Handbook 2009" below,

The Freelance Photographer's Market Handbook 2009

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