Is SurveySpot legit or a scam website?

I would have to say that Survey spot is definitely a legit website, and certainly not a scam website. Why? I just received the check from them in the mail for $35. I was owed $35 and that's exactly what I received in the mail. I got 100% of what I was owed and i'm sitting here in amazement at how fast I received it in the mail. I would say it took about eight-nine days. Being that it passed through two sundays(I requested my check on a sunday.) and one saturday it would really mean that it took about six days to receive my check from this survey-taking website named surveyspot since weekends aren't generally counted as business days.

I spent I would say roughly maybe tops of 2-4 hours to take surveys online and received the $35 cash that I did end up receiving from the online survey-taking website surveyspot which makes it a legitimate website well worth your time. I have never got paid so well by any other survey site for so little time invested. The 2nd closest is the online survey site, GlobalTestMarket.

Have you been paid by Surveyspot? If so feel free to leave it in the commentbox to help others out to help surveyspot's reputation and to help people to realize that there are plenty of legitimate survey-taking job opprotunities out there.

If you want some information about this online survey site to help you to make money to share your opinion I advise checking out the blog entry ahead that is a review of the website Surveyspot, SurveySpot Legit Website Review


  1. Looks pretty legit to me. $35 isn't that bad considering you're not doing much to "earn" from sites like Surveyspot. I'm gonna give it a try. As a freelance writer I have quite a bit of extra time to do paid surveys and such.


  2. Yeah, really you just give your opinion by answering a quick questionaire that many people online do for free anyways!

    Make sure to check out some other stuff within my blog and i'm sure the writing section you'll particularly like. It's still a work in progress but I talk about quite a few places with databases full of writing opprotunities waiting to be taken on :)

    Anyways, thanks for stopping by!