Is DestroyDebt a Legit Website, or a Scam? Freelance Job Site Review

The more I read, and the more I see all these payment proofs popping up I do have to tell you that I do strongly believe that DestroyDebt is a legit freelance job website. The things that really help me to come to this conclusion are as follows.

It is not like this freelance job website just popped up today, it's been around for a long time but I do believe the whole revenue-share aspect of it is a fairly new concept and has only been around for at most, a few months. The other thing that makes me lead to believe that DestroyDebt is a legit website is the fact that what the owner is paying isn't too much as long as the advertising revenue is there. He may be paying out of pocket at the beginning but when the freelance job website hits a certain point of members he should have more then enough stabality to actually pay his members the rates he claims.

If you don't know what it is and you want to check it out you can check it out by clicking, here.

A Quick P.S. DestroyDebt will no longer be paying by the time most of you read this message. It's still a fun place to be to talk about finance though, so if you are in debt and need help check it out as you should find at least some helpful information!

Have you been paid yet by this part-time freelance job website? If so, feel free to let us know in the comment box! Annd! If you're looking for other freelance job websites, or freelance job information then check out the freelance job blog entry, If you have ended up here, I figure you're interested in how to Make Money Online through means of Freelance Jobs with the info i'll provide? Part 2


  1. DestroyDebt is NOT a freelance job site. It is a paid-to-post forum. There is a big difference. They do pay. You don't do any freelance writing assignments for them. You simply post comments on their forum or on their member blogs.

    I think I'm going to have to write a blog post explaining to people what freelance writing really is - and what it isn't.

    Destroy Debt isn't a freelance writing site.

  2. Please see my Mylot comment for how I define "freelance writing". I go by the actual literal definition as i'm a very literal person, =o.

    But plain and simply, you're writing and you're writing freelance as there is no long-term commitment to the site. You write when you want to write which is like a "relaxed freelance writing site". Paid-to-post sounds bland but once again, I see where you're coming from. By the way, you do freelance writing assignments for them.. but not in the normal sense. Your "freelance writing assignment" is to write about debt and debt-related posts whether it be in a blog format or a forum format.