Is AWSurveys a Scam Website, or Legit? Freelance Job Site Review

Just to save you all some time, AWsurveys is a scam. I think the only reason it's still around is because the massive amount of hype it gets for it's "high-paying surveys" which in turn gets people who don't even take the time to use the freelance job website named AWsurveys to test out if it's legit or a scam website to promote the heck out of it in hopes that they will actually make money online through this website. I think the only other reason it's still around is because it probably pays out the best refering members that actually bring in results. I definitely label AWsurveys a big scam website and it most certainly is not legit.

Why do you think it's still around, what're your thoughts? Have you actually received even as little as a dime from this freealance job website? Feel free to leave it in the comment box about this freelance job website named AWsurveys and whether you think it is a scam or legit. Also, feel free to comment if you liked this freelance job website review as well.

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