Make money online writing reports

If you're looking to find out how to make money online writing reports then check this out!

Freelance Job Info
: Make money online writing reports on various subjects within Consumersearch.

How they make money online: They make money through Advertising revenue among other means i'm sure.

Last known Payscale: No less then $350 per individual report from what i'm lead to believe. Payment changes from person to person. It depends the quality of the writer. The better you are the more you'll make.

Consumersearch Site Rating: I would give this site called Consumersearch about an 8.7/10 after doing a review on it. $350 per report is nice but it's hard to get involved with consumersearch in the first place to make that amount.

-Great pay if you're accepted into the program.
-Great place to read fantastically done reviews.
-Been around since 1991 in some form or another.
-Professional looking site.
-Fast-loading site.

-You probably have to be on the high-end for your writing skill to get accepted.
-May spend lot's of time trying to make it in their program only to be turned down.

If you have anything else to say in relation to this Consumersearch site, or Consumersearch review feel free to leave it in the comment box as to help others when considering this as a worthwhile freelance job to make money online or not.

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